Providing plaintiff attorneys

        with expert consultation for

                            medical-related cases

                                   for the past twenty plus years





Medical/nursing support  from a professional  you can rely on...                                       

                          for your competitive edge   



Why do you need a consulting expert?
When you are working up a medical- related case you need an expert  you can rely on to help you sort through the medical records and explain them to you in plain English...someone who can teach you the medicine and nursing...someone  who can analyze the meaning  of the records in your  case.  You need someone to help you strategize and develop a simple case theory.





An expert recognizes patterns and knows when  patterns are conspicuous by their absence.  An expert will accurately extract the critical information from review of your client's medical records and advise you about case merit, record tampering, and the opposition's case.   An expert saves you time and money by getting to the heart of the case fast.  An expert knows how to access the medical literature and provide you with what  you need to know.   An expert can help you find the most  appropriate and effective testifying experts specifically for your case.




Attorneys and their cases benefit from:

  • Participation in the successful resolution of hundreds of medical negligence, nursing home and product liability cases;
  • Certification by the American Legal Nurse Consultanting Certification Board;
  • Expertise across a wide range of  disciplines;
  • Twenty  plus years experience in computerized literature searches;
  • Fifteen - plus years of clinical nursing experience including  primary care, private  practice, advanced practice, critical care, staff nursing, military nursing,  research, administration and education;     
  • Master's nursing preparation with Parent Child/Perinatal Nursing specialization;
  • Specialization in birth injury/baby/obstetric/woman's issues/children's cases;                                              
  • Knowledge of clinical nursing and medical standards of care, research methodology, advanced physiology;
  • Physical examination skills.     


for your competitive edge in

medical-related cases turn to

the medical legal advantage

consulting expert for

plaintiff attorneys

Medical/Health Care Negligence
especially birth injury/baby cases,

Wrongful Death,

Personal Injury,

Product Liability, Toxic Torts,

Nursing Home/Elder Abuse,

Criminal Defense...

cases with medical issues...

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